Our Story

Our Story

Nestled in the heart of Bradley Beach, “Grace by the Sea” is more than just a rental property—it’s a reflection of our passion, Mina and Jess, and the journey we embarked upon together.

It all began with our shared dream, a vision of creating a serene oasis where memories are forged, and the stresses of daily life fade away with the ebbing tide. Every corner of “Grace by the Sea” has been lovingly crafted, influenced by countless sunsets we watched, the laughter we shared, and the tranquil moments we spent with our toes buried in the sand.

As a couple, we’ve always been drawn to the ocean’s therapeutic rhythms. The waves whispered tales of adventure, and the horizon beckoned with promises of tomorrow. It was during one such mesmerizing evening that the idea of “Grace by the Sea” was born. We wanted to craft a space that not only echoed our love for the sea but also embodied the grace and warmth that every traveler seeks.

Today, as proud owners, we open our doors to you, hoping that “Grace by the Sea” becomes a part of your story, just as it is an indelible chapter in ours. Whether you’re looking to chase the sun, find quiet moments with loved ones, or simply immerse yourself in the embrace of the ocean, our beachside haven awaits.

Come, let the waves narrate tales of yore, let the breeze carry your worries, and let “Grace by the Sea” cradle you in its embrace. Here’s to new beginnings, sun-kissed mornings, and starlit nights. Here’s to our story and yours.

Mina & Jess